Paper Cone


Paper Reel Stand: This is the initial stage where paper reels are mounted on a stand. These reels serve as the raw material for the paper cone production.
Paper Cutting System: The paper cutting system is responsible for cutting the paper into the required size and shape for the paper cones. Precision in cutting is crucial for the uniformity of the cones.
Gluing and Winding Section: In this section, the cut paper is coated with adhesive (glue) and then wound onto a spindle. This process creates the basic structure of the paper cone.
Drying Section: After the cones are formed, they pass through a drying section where the adhesive is cured, and the cones gain strength and stability.
Conical Shape Formation: Specialized machinery is used to shape the cylindrical paper into a conical form. This process ensures that the cones meet the required specifications.
Cone Ejection System: Once the cones are formed and shaped, they are ejected from the machinery. This can involve an automated system or manual handling, depending on the type of machinery.
Quality Control and Inspection: A quality control system may be integrated into the machinery to inspect the cones for defects, ensuring that only high-quality products are produced.
Counting and Packaging: Cones are counted and packaged according to predetermined quantities. This stage may also involve labeling and marking the cones for identification.
Automation and Control Panel: Many modern paper cone machinery systems are equipped with automation features and a control panel that allows operators to monitor and control the production process efficiently.
Safety Features: Machinery is equipped with safety features to protect operators and prevent accidents during the manufacturing process.
Machine Production Capacity: A high-performance machine with output upto 55 to 60 cones per minute @ 100% efficiency.
Paper Cone Product Typer: There are essentially eight main size variations:

*1-degree 51-minute cones,
*5-degree 57-minute cones,
*3-degree 30-minute cones,
*3-degree 51-minute cones,
*4-degree 20-minutescones,
*9-degree 15-minutecones,
*9-degree 36-minute cones,
*7-degree 22-minute cones,

Depending upon the application the specification of the cone varies. The popular sizes in the present Textile Industries are 9 Deg15′, 5 Deg 57′, 4 Deg 20′, 3 Deg 30′, etc.

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